Lindsey Wagnon

Hi, friend! I’m lindsey.

owner of Lindsey Wagnon Marketing and The Marketing Plan Shop

It was in college pursuing a broadcast journalism degree when I realized I could write all day long (mostly for history classes, go figure) and never get tired of it. That led to professional blogging before it was cool (circa 2005!!!), several years working for a lifestyle magazine and eventually switching the long form writing gears to marketing copywriter.

In 2014, my husband and I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where I landed a copywriting position at an INC 500 company. Within 5 years, I became a Sales Marketing Director overseeing creative teams providing full-scope marketing, including branding, strategy, campaigns, social media, SEO, paid ads, email marketing and more for more than 1500 small business owners.

With Lindsey Wagnon Marketing, I’m able to operate in my element as a marketing director for small businesses - putting together customized combinations of all those skills to most effectively help entrepreneurs grow their customer base, sales and profit.

So yes, I have the credentials. But more importantly, do I consume sugar, stay up too late most nights, refuse to iron a single item in my closet (steamer for the win) and sing twinkle, twinkle, little star to my toddler every night? Of course!

My favorite character trait is authenticity, my favorite word (nerd moment) is audacity, I'm an ISTJ, a 1 on the Enneagram and yes, I believe we can be both typed and individualistic. I’m based in Charlotte, NC, but serve clients across the nation and abroad. Want to learn more about me? Just visit the blog or check out my Insta or Facebook page.

Oh, and thank you for stopping by!

If you’ve worked with me, I’d LOVE your thoughts and/or recommendation