Just call me an Amy Lee wannabe

As I'm writing this, my husband and I are en route to pick up our baby girl (she's technically a toddler, but I'll be calling her my baby as long as I darn well please) from a few days at her grandparents' house. Philip and I took a staycation of sorts this week - treating ourselves to a couple nights in an uptown (what Charlotteans call our downtown) hotel, sleeping in, laying out on the sun deck, and indulging in pasta and bagels and all the carbs we normally try to pretend aren't essential for a fulfilled life. It's okay though because we also snuck in a couple of proteins shakes and workouts in the hotel gym, thus maintaining our reputation as "fit" people. 

I thought we'd been having the time of our lives, but then my mom sent me photos of my girl watching baby ducks in a pond, dancing to a live bluegrass band, holding a kitten by the face and riding around on her uncle's shoulders. She clearly won the having a blast contest. No surprise here, she was born winning at life. 

Cora, holding a kitten by the face. Photo cred: her Mimi

Cora, holding a kitten by the face. Photo cred: her Mimi

Another thing that rocked my world this week is Evanescence announced a U.S. tour WITH FULL FREAKING ORCHESTRA and it's COMING TO CHARLOTTE. Evanescence (aka Amy Lee) is my inner rock goddess infatuation and if I could have a life 'do-over', I would have practiced the piano more and become a similar version of her. For now, I'll have to settle for fan-girling at the concert of my dreams. 

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