Cora Lively turns two


How. How is she turning two today. 

She's smart, independent, spirited, loving and observant. She loves Moana and Minnie Mouse, church and her daddy. She rubs her eyes and grows sleepy the moment I start to sing her a nighttime lullaby and begs me to see pictures and watch videos of her friends and family on social media. 

Cora Lively means "heart full of life." My prayer for her has been that her love for life would be contagious. By the way she waves, smiles, high-fives, blows kisses and dances for every person she comes across on planet earth, this gift is already being lived out. 

She has a future filled with faithfulness, joy and influence. But for now, I'll just cuddle my confident, self-assured, infectious two-year-old and celebrate the light she's brought to my world for two whole years.