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[In] dependence: Why it's a good thing you're not the best
Photo by  Alexis Brown  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

Being in a creative field, I'm surrounded by sickeningly talented people. Sure, I'm a decent writer, but God help my Canva attempts. I'm pretty sure my computer suppresses giggles (she's a girl and her name is electra, btw) every time I crap out a design-challenged social post (follow me anyway @lwbrandwriter. you have my full permission to laugh hysterically when you see what I'm talking about).

These shortcomings have become even more apparent to me as I attempt to be the Founder and CEO of my own, personal brand. I look at other people's online personalities and am painfully aware of what I'm not good at. It feels like success in the personal branding world only happens to those who inhabit some kind of hept-fecta of talent. You have to write well, design well, have this huge, magnetic personality, be a technical ace, take uh-mazing photographs, decorate your house like you've got a master's in interior design, and fill your selfies with only the most fashion-forward ensembles. For the love, WHERE do these people get the money for that!?

Meanwhile, here's me. Like, literally me, in my living room at this very moment. 

i have no words for what you're seeing. 

i have no words for what you're seeing. 

Okay, so some people may not be bothered by this like I am. But I'm a first child, and very independent. I like to control and lead things. I do NOT like constantly being so aware of my limits, especially when I know no amount of practice or technical training can make up for a lack of natural ability. 

But, it also dawns on me that if we were all great at everything, we wouldn't need anyone else. We would never have cause to let someone else show off their strengths. We would never have a reason to employ others, get a different perspective or enjoy working with a team. We would be a TERRIBLE spouse, friend, co-worker or leader. Honestly, we would all be jerks. 

If we were always the best at everything, never needing anyone else, success would be a very lonely place to land. 

Independence can push us forward, but so can being graciously in dependence when we need to be. Comment below to tell me how you often find yourself being in dependence on others. 

Walking the talk
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When I set out to create Lindsey Wagnon | Brand Writer, I had stockpiled a LOT of information from more than a decade of professional writing and marketing work. I've blogged (I was among the first "professional" bloggers), been an ad agency copywriter, covered news for an NPR-affiliated radio station (bleh), wore the reporter hat for a small community publication, submitted countless lifestyle magazine articles and currently work full-time for the marketing department of a mortgage company. Yes, mortgage company

My thickening career portfolio (one of the perks of being in my mid-thirties *gasp*) may have given me the confidence to launch a personal brand, but wow, I was not prepared for the challenge of applying all my cumulative knowledge to my own company. When it's so personal, yet needs to be your best professional representation, it's another level of pressure. 

Raise your hand if you're an entrepreneur, girl boss, mompreneur who can relate. 

So, honestly, the past couple of months have been a test in walking the talk. I may know a lot, and even practice a lot of what I know on a daily basis, but doing it for myself is the hardest assignment I've ever faced. I thought I was aware of my weaknesses and limitations before, but I'm HYPER aware of them now *cough* design *cough*.

Fellow entrepreneurs, I salute you. You may, like me, feel the weight of everything that isn't up to your standard, needs more time or money that you just don't have, has glitches you don't know how to fix and isn't exactly at the ROI you expected by now, but listen, you're moving forward a little at a time and that's what matters. And let's be honest, we wouldn't be leading our own companies if we didn't kind of love being in charge of every part of it - even if it's shockingly demanding. 

With that said, I have a toddler, some chores and a marathon training run to attend to. Overachiever much? Nah, not me. Oh, and here's a Cora picture in case you need a laugh. 

Mac & cheese (emphasis on the cheese)

Mac & cheese (emphasis on the cheese)

Look at me, blogging again after a decade
Photo cred: Sean Lyon, LyonPictures Photography

Photo cred: Sean Lyon, LyonPictures Photography

Hi there! First, thank you so much stopping by. I love you for taking your time to check out my website. 

This is going to be a place where I just shoot straight. Like, maybe even embarrass myself a little with exposure and vulnerability. I hope you don't mind. This won't be the place to look for perfect writing either, btw. This is my thought process vomited on the page at lightning speed. Because I'd rather spend my time and mental energy creating authentic, effective brand writing for other people's businesses. I feel like you can appreciate that. 

Ok, now that we've set expectations, I'll proceed with more of what you're probably looking for here - who is this Lindsey Wagnon and why has she invaded a tiny corner of my world via social media, a search engine, word of mouth, etc?

Well, I'm a wife and mom, for starters. I am a Christian and part of Elevation Church in Charlotte, N.C. Of course, there are stories behind all those facts which I'll continue to open up about here (shamelessly tempting you to check back later). 

I also work full-time for Movement Mortgage as a marketing communications manager which is where I practice much of what I've learned about marketing content, branding, digital marketing, marketing campaigns, SEO, analytics, copywriting and so-on. Before that, I worked for a lifestyle magazine doing mostly fluffy feature writing and before that I was a professional blogger when blogs were first becoming a thing, oh, about a dozen years ago. Little known fact - I had a personal blog on one of the first versions of Wordpress around 2006 - 2008ish called Runner's High that I was obsessed with.

Yep, I was part of that original SEO blog craze that was big business for a hot minute.

Obviously, writing and content creation are my forte - particularly the kind that involve strategy, some business sense and a large dose of persuasion. Which is what brings us here today. You may or may not be in need of someone to take the controls of your digital strategy, website content, email marketing, etc., but either way, I am glad you landed here and I hope you feel you gained something worthwhile from it. 

If you're looking for practical marketing tips, I offer free training on my Facebook page and Instastories, so you’ll want to check those out for sure (icons linked below).

That's all for now!