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Yes, I'm alive!

Oh hello, friend!

I've been a little off the radar this summer and you may have noticed right away that something seems different... Well, a few somethings are different. The most obvious to you is that I redesigned my website. As I create SquareSpace sites for clients and explore new templates and functionalities, I get the itch to update my own. So, welcome to the new and improved! It's simple because I like to keep things simple, but I like it a little better than the version prior. And I'm sure I'll like the next update better than this one, but for now we're going to enjoy what you see in front of you, k?

We moved into our planted house in July! It was a whirlwind five days but we're in and every day in awe that we've been so blessed. If you're curious to see what it looks like and the daily happenings in our new digs, you should follow me on Instagram!

Let's see, what else is new?

I'm obsessed with Rachel Hollis. Her podcast. Her couples podcast. Her book. Anyone else with me?


Cora and I took a road trip last weekend to Richmond, VA for my younger sister's baby shower. Her baby boy is due on October 31st so we refer to him as "Baby Boo". It was nice to be somewhere unusual, even as quick as it was. I, of course, listened to Rachel Hollis podcasts to pass the drive time. 

Over the summer, I wrapped a website build, an email campaign and a brand relaunch set of brand descriptions and statements. And that's just with the side hustle. 

At my corporate job, I've been eyeballs deep in leading our content creation, including marketing and social, project management and marketing education. My days are a blur and consist of everything from explaining website funnels to audience targeting to value propositions to brand awareness. 

I'm fulling immersed in worship leading again, a passion that was a flicker in my heart for the couple of years after Cora was born. It can be time consuming but I've come to learn that if you love something enough, the time spent isn't a burden at all. 

Enough about me, I'd love to know one thing that's new with you! Drop a comment, girlfriend, and let's both catch up ;)