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It was SUCH a pleasure to support this boss babe with a brand new website! Christie is a dream client - knows what she wants, but is also a team player in the journey to the final product.


Christie wanted an eCommerce SquareSpace website where she could market her resilience coaching for women, plus give guests the option to purchase coaching packages or sign up for wellness retreats right from the site. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 6.16.14 PM.png

After production, we added her Shop page where she can sell photography on canvas. Talk about a talented lady! 

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 6.16.33 PM.png

Christie also chose to add a blog to her site where she can share her personal side, wellness advice and motivation for her audience. A boss babe who KNOWS how to brand herself! I provide continuing support for Christie through blog editing, posting and SEO enhancement. 

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I've worked full-time in the marketing department at Movement Mortgage going on four years. I began as a copywriter, which transitioned into content strategist, then the marketing communications manager leading a team of 6 and now the Director of Sales Marketing over a team of 9. I oversee our sales marketing strategy, campaigns, content, project management, websites, social media, email campaigns, not to mention a large group of people.

It's a lot, yes, but at this point in my life I know what I like and want to do and what I don't. All of those things are enjoyable to me, so I don't mind the workload. Plus, I lead phenomenal professionals who make it easy. When you have the right team, the amount of work is relative.

Anyway, you're not here to hear all about my corporate job. You're here to see the goods. 

We recently hit "refresh" on our corporate site home page. I strategized and wrote the copy for it. There are two versions. We're AB testing, so some of you may pull up the lead generation-heavy version with additional funnels (don't worry, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, it really doesn't matter for the point I'm getting at). The other version that you see below is less click-baity. That's the one I personally prefer but when you're in marketing world, you have to test, test, test, which requires different approaches. From what I hear from our data people, both versions of the site are doing incredibly well.