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Squarespace Website | Watershed Builders

We’ve known Dom and his wife, LD, for a few years from church and living just down the street from one another. When Dom recently decided to branch out and launch his own general contracting company, Watershed Builders, he asked me to help him complete a Squarespace website.

Our first step was to follow the Storybrand formula for all the copywriting. Dom was already familiar with the Storybrand method which was great for me in not having to explain the concepts. By the way, if you’re a marketing DIY-er and you’re looking for education and inspiration about content, you should really look into the StoryBrand video trainings.

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After nailing down the copy, I went to work incorporating branding - logo, colors, keywords - and laying out the content and images. Dom had already chosen the template which worked really well for pulling everything together. Template choices can make or break the build process. Some of them look great at first but can be a real pain to adapt to the flow and elements appropriate for your business.

Next came sizing scaled for both desktop and mobile (mobile presentation is KEY as the majority of visitors come through their phone browser) and making sure all the calls to action directed to the contact page. We added linked phone numbers in a couple places as well for easy click and call. Local businesses in particular should always make their phone number easy to access.

After a preview a few days prior to deadline so Dom could see how things came together and let me know what else he wanted done, there was a short checklist to finish out, as well as adding SEO descriptions to all the pages.

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I really enjoyed working on the website and think it turned out beautifully, plus functions well as Watershed Builders’ main online representation. If you’re interested in having your own site built or updated, check out my Squarespace website services in the add-on section of my services list.

Service/Product Launch Marketing | SkinRN, Nashville TN

I call this one an Instagram marketing success story. After following me for a while on Instagram, Christy direct messaged me about helping with a new service and product launch at her skin clinic in Nashville. The Blending Bar offers her clients a place to get a thorough skin analysis and create custom skin care and beautifully blended makeup that is healthy for their skin! The products are Giella and the concept is so neat. You can walk out of the bar with personalized makeup created right in front of you, I love it!

Christy was already working with a videographer and quiz creator but needed help with the blending bar menu copy, quiz copy and MailChimp email blasts to announce and promote the launch of The Blending Bar. And general guidance on how to bring it all together and make sure things were cohesive.

For the next month, we worked together on getting the video, quiz, emails, Blending Bar website page, menu and marketing journey right. It’s so important to treat new service and product launches like their own fully developed business launch. The launch went great and now Christy has all the pieces needed to make sure word continues to spread and the blending bar keeps helping women look and feel their most beautiful.

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Marketing Management | ONE Canal Point

ONE Canal Point is a real estate development in Grand Cayman. Its partner owners needed someone to support launch marketing, plus consult on marketing strategy and provide several ongoing services including social media posting, Facebook ads, Google ads and email blasts to an extensive email list.

Since engaging Lindsey Wagnon Marketing, ONE Canal Point hit launch marketing sales goals and has continued to see steady brand awareness growth through social media, exceptional ad click-through rates and excellent responsiveness with each email blast. | Home Page Website Content

I've worked full-time in the marketing department at Movement Mortgage going on four years. I began as a copywriter, which transitioned into content strategist, then the marketing communications manager leading a team of 6 and now the Director of Sales Marketing over a team of 9. I oversee our sales marketing strategy, campaigns, content, project management, websites, social media, email campaigns, not to mention a large group of people.

It's a lot, yes, but at this point in my life I know what I like and want to do and what I don't. All of those things are enjoyable to me, so I don't mind the workload. Plus, I lead phenomenal professionals who make it easy. When you have the right team, the amount of work is relative.

Anyway, you're not here to hear all about my corporate job. You're here to see the goods. 

We recently hit "refresh" on our corporate site home page. I strategized and wrote the copy for it. There are two versions. We're AB testing, so some of you may pull up the lead generation-heavy version with additional funnels (don't worry, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, it really doesn't matter for the point I'm getting at). The other version that you see below is less click-baity. That's the one I personally prefer but when you're in marketing world, you have to test, test, test, which requires different approaches. From what I hear from our data people, both versions of the site are doing incredibly well.