Service/Product Launch Marketing | SkinRN, Nashville TN

I call this one an Instagram marketing success story. After following me for a while on Instagram, Christy direct messaged me about helping with a new service and product launch at her skin clinic in Nashville. The Blending Bar offers her clients a place to get a thorough skin analysis and create custom skin care and beautifully blended makeup that is healthy for their skin! The products are Giella and the concept is so neat. You can walk out of the bar with personalized makeup created right in front of you, I love it!

Christy was already working with a videographer and quiz creator but needed help with the blending bar menu copy, quiz copy and MailChimp email blasts to announce and promote the launch of The Blending Bar. And general guidance on how to bring it all together and make sure things were cohesive.

For the next month, we worked together on getting the video, quiz, emails, Blending Bar website page, menu and marketing journey right. It’s so important to treat new service and product launches like their own fully developed business launch. The launch went great and now Christy has all the pieces needed to make sure word continues to spread and the blending bar keeps helping women look and feel their most beautiful.

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